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Business Administrative Services

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Course Summary

This Course is an Online Unit Standard aligned course, with Recognition of
Prior Leaning (RPL) program. If you complete the whole program we are able
to issue you with a National Certificate.
Business Administration is essential in each organisation. This course willpromote
an understanding of planning, organisation and control in order
to achieve a coordinated effort among all the elements in the organisation.
If you are interested in being involved in the daily running and implementation
of office tasks and enhancing operational performance,
this course is for you.

Course Minimum Requirements:
Grade 9 (Std. 7) or equivalent
Communication at NQF level 1
Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 1

Module 1:
Exit level outcome
• Process numerical and text data
Access and use information from texts

Apply basic knowledge of statistics and
probability to influence the use of data and
procedures in order to investigate life related

Demonstrate understanding of rational and
irrational numbers and number systems

Maintain and adapt oral communication

Measure, estimate and calculate physical
quantities and explore, describe and represent
geometrical relationships in 2-
dimensions in different life or workplace

Respond to literary texts

Use mathematics to investigate and monitor
the financial aspects of personal

Work with a range of patterns and functions

Write for a defined context

Module 2:
Exit level outcome
• Identify and maintain records,
• Maintain an information system,
• Receive, distribute and dispatch mail in an office environment,
• Operate and take care of equipment in an office environment

Identify and maintain the types of records
required in own industry and understand
why it is necessary to create evidence and
maintain confidentiality

Maintain an existing information system in
a business environment

Operate personal computer peripherals

Demonstrate knowledge of and produce
word processing documents using basic

Demonstrate the ability to use electronic
mail software to send and receive messages

Operate a personal computer system

Process numerical and text data in a business

Conduct basic financial transactions

Operate and take care of equipment in an
office environment

Order and distribute office supplies

Module 3:
Exit level outcome
• Receive and execute instructions,
• Behave in a professional manner in a business environment,
• Attend to customer inquiries,
• Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls

Behave in a professional manner in a business

Attend to customer inquiries in an office

Contribute to the health, safety and security
of the workplace

Demonstrate an understanding of a selected
business environment

Operate in a team

Process incoming and outgoing telephone

Receive and execute instructions

Module 4:
Exit level outcome
• Manage time and work processes within a business environment,
• Investigate the structure of an organisation,
• Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment,
• Keep informed about current affairs relating to one`s own industry

Investigate the structure of an organization
as a workplace

Keep informed about current affairs related
to one`s own industry

Manage time and work processes within a
business environment

Organise oneself in the workplace

Maintain effective working relationships
with other members of staff

Apply knowledge of self in order to make a
personal decision

Manage a diary for self and others

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding
of HIV/AIDS in a workplace, and its effects
on a business sub-sector, own organisation
and a specific workplace

Accreditation Provided and Powered by:

Tshwane Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Department of Education. Registration no: 2016/FE07/003.
Tshwane Institute of Technology is accredited by Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance. Accreditation no: FET00033-PA.
The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Nated/16/0194.

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Business Administrative Services

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Business Administration Management

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